My Grandmother Grew Cosmos

At the Farmer’s Market,  I saw bunches of Cosmos and my grandmother Hendricks came to mind.

She used to grow them. I bought a bouquet and put them in a vase.

They just look “old fashioned” to me.

Cosmos Bouquet

This is the grandmother who taught me to knit. My father’s mother.

When I was at Laura and James house,  I took this photo of the tag on the afghan they have in their living room.


Her name was Mary Alta but she went by Alta.  I have never met anyone else named Alta.

My appreciation for all things handmade  and knit was passed down.

Recently I was led to open the back of her Book of Common Prayer and found this list in her hand.

Here is a list of 26 afghans she knit for others when she was in the Nursing Home in Taylorville Illinois.

I’m Ruthie, Mark is my son and Marian is my Mother and “Roy’s Mary” is my sister.

My sister-in-law Bobbie, sent this afghan below (one my grandmother made) to Laura and James. An heirloom gift

The blue one is the one she made for me.  Her knitting is just beautiful.

afghan (1)


afghan list

16 thoughts on “My Grandmother Grew Cosmos

  1. The afghans are lovely. The fact that the list of those she knitted for over that span of time remains is amazing.

  2. Marti has one that my grandmother crocheted for me and she is honored to have it. Your grandmother left you quite a legacy.

  3. Wow, Lucky Marian! Three afghans AND a shawl. I wonder what the check marks mean. Are you the Ruthie on the list? Lovely juxtaposition of the
    pink cosmos and the pink afghan.

  4. The flowers look very turn-of-the-(19th)-century to me. I adored seeing the script from your grandmother’s hand (as well as the blankets those same hands crafted); wonderful how her memory lives on. (And on, and on…)

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