One Shiny Shoe and a Good Thing I’d Eaten Dinner

My neighbors invited me to accompany them to the Carnegie Museum of Art for the opening reception of Storyteller: The Photographs of Duane Michals.   The exhibition was curated by Linda Benedict- Jones and is quite impressive, requiring a return visit to take the show in when it’s less crowded.

In the Hall of Sculpture after the remarks, i was standing on the lighted glass floor and so were three others. Our 4 pairs of  black shoes with the light coming from the floor below.

Photographer Martha Rial and I had our phones out, capturing the pattern.  I call it One Shiny Shoe.

One shiny shoe

Where the light comes from below

Hall of Sculpture

Here is a man looking closely at the photos of Andy Warhol and his mother Julia.


When I got to the refreshments table there were a few grapes

Some of you saw this on FB already but here I am in the Hall of Architecture under the artwork “The Piano” by Chilean Artist Sebastian Errazuriz

I asked a random museum goer if he’d take my photo.  He’d already taken a selfie under the 800 pound piano.

When I showed this photo to the high school students, they said I was crazy to stand under it.  I said, wouldn’t it be funny to have a  tall ladder and some hedge clippers?  They groaned.

Mark said it looked like I was in a Looney Tune.

If you Sebastian Errazuriz

6 thoughts on “One Shiny Shoe and a Good Thing I’d Eaten Dinner

  1. One shiny shoe is a fitting title for that 1st photo. I love the way the shoes appear as though seen through a kaleidoscope. Before my eyes started flirting with my sanity, I used to like to mirror fabric patterns to use in quilting projects. That photo brings back memories. I really like the ‘stacked’ effect of the 2nd photo down as well. Cool angles, and lightening, in my opinion.

  2. You are definitely a more interesting subject then a hanging piano, but the piano makes the picture more interesting.

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