Shirley Temple Still in her Box, Toodles, a Nun Doll. a Yo-Yo Doll and Other Childhood Friends

My friend Barb collects all kinds of dolls, most from her childhood,  There’s a photo of her in one of the pics, holding her doll.  She has a glass and wooden cupboard filled with her collection.  The reflection makes it tricky to get a clean shot,  I  looked up Toodles  and she is definitely a contemporary from our childhood years in the ’50’s.  What do you collect?

Shirley Temple Doll



yo-yo doll

14 thoughts on “Shirley Temple Still in her Box, Toodles, a Nun Doll. a Yo-Yo Doll and Other Childhood Friends

  1. Those are great pictures of the dolls. The faces are beautiful. This should come as no surprise Ruth E, I collect Pirate memorabilia.

  2. Beautiful faces. I no longer collect as I am trying to edit , part with things; so I can enjoy the remaining special items. It is slow going.

  3. Wonderful and ironic. You may like to submit a photo or 2 for our show at 3G Gallery. Our yearly juried show with the theme of “PLAY” is planned for May.

  4. I’ve been clearing stuff out, too, and mainly taking all to Goodwill but I had a booth in a local flea market for awhile but just didn’t make any money because the people looking at the old stuff are all trying to get rid of their own stuff. The younger generation, I don’t think, appreciate antiques like we used to. I collect angels and cats.

  5. I imagine that Shirley Temple doll is worth a small fortune, especially since Shirley died recently. May she RIP. Nice share, Ruth. 🙂

  6. I also have a collection of dolls. One is dressed like a Sister of St. Joseph(the order I was in). Nicolette plays with my Betsy Wetsy. Rather old!!

  7. I collect dolls, but mostly the 12″ variety like Barbie and G.I. Joe. I tend to call them “action figures” too, the way Hasbro tricked boys like me into playing with dolls in the 1960’s.

  8. That black leather biker doll rocks! Very risqué for the 1950s, non?

    I’m ‘anti’ collections. I think they are fine for other people, but I don’t want non-functional things in my house. I prefer streamlined and simplicity. 🙂

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