Me on Big Screen TV, Sort of

When I parked the car to go to coffee this morning, I saw this huge TV on the sidewalk, waiting for the trash.

(Another title could be Trash Selfie?)

Me on Big Screen TVYes it was really windy.

The inviting scene as I parked the car.


14 thoughts on “Me on Big Screen TV, Sort of

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  2. That TV would have been gone within a half hour here, working or not. I’m surprised they would trash it. Our wine fridge died and we put it out but forgot the door, still gone and then they came back for the door. I guess they sold it for scrap!

  3. Great and unique photo opportunity, but it is ashamed that the TV is simply tossed to the curb. I wonder what was wrong with it?

  4. Way to take advantage of a great visual opportunity! (Though I am beginning to wonder about PA and the trash issue you all seem to have there – in my 17 years in MN, I think I have seen less than 10 items out on the curb.)

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