Presidents’ Day Party Supplies in the Strip District- Pittsburgh PA

After Christmas I was in the Strip District with Matthew and Natalya. We had coffee at La Prima and lunch at Sunseri’s.  A little window shopping, popped into the kitchen store and then Wholey’s to see the fish.

One “must-see” store is Mike Feinberg’s on Penn Ave.  Right now you can stock up on Leprauchan supplies.  Or Mardi Gras masks and beads.

You name it- they have it.  Postcards and old school candy, too.

This is what we saw up front. Presidents’ Day supplies. There were tons of New Year’s hats and horns, pre-packaged party supplies for any number of guests.


6 thoughts on “Presidents’ Day Party Supplies in the Strip District- Pittsburgh PA

  1. I’ve spent lots of money at Feinbergs – especially since my kids left the burgh – have to keep them supplied in funky steeler stuff. Thanks you brought a smile to my face. We have to postpone our trip one day because of the weather to the south. I was bummed out so I needed a smile. Enjoy you day off!

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