Snow Day Tugboat and Barges Push Through the River Ice

Pittsburgh Skyline in Snow

View of the Monongahela River and skyline from Grandview Avenue.  (Stef, do you think it is smiing?)


See the path where the tug pusning the barges has cut through the ice?

Duquesne incline

Duquesne Incline in the snow.  A path left where the tug and barge cut through the rivers.


Three Rivers Stadium and the Ohio River

School got called off so I went to take some photographs on the way home.

1degree and -16 windchill.   I didn’t stay long with my cameras.

My friends Deb and Sy live downstream along the Ohio River.  They emailed me the cell phone photos they took at eye level as the tug cut through frozen Ohio River ice 

15 thoughts on “Snow Day Tugboat and Barges Push Through the River Ice

  1. Oh my gosh! The 3rd photo is my favorite, with the Point, the red Incline, the first bridges across both the Mon and the Allegheny and the shadowy City looming in the background.! Plus all the paths …… roads, rivers, bridges, Incline tracks, train tracks AND the barge path!!! Thank yo u for your photos taken on your Snow Day!!!

  2. You are brave to go up to Mt. Washington in that cold and wind, but the pictures were worth it. Stay warm!

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