Mayor Richard S. Caligiuri Statue in the Snow

Photographed while at a red light on Valentine’s Day 2015.

Mayor Caligiuri Statue

On the steps of the City County Building.

This is a bronze sculpture of former mayor (served 1977-1988), Richard S. Caliguiri.

Here’s an article he wrote about facing his diagnosis of the fatal disease amyloidosis.

 “On October 19, 1990 a statue of Richard S. Caliguiri was dedicated on the steps in front of Pittsburgh’s City-County Building. The sculpture was made by well-known sculptor Robert Berks. It stands 9 feet tall and is 3 feet wide.”

9 thoughts on “Mayor Richard S. Caligiuri Statue in the Snow

  1. A wonderful picture of a wonderful statue, dedicated to a wonderful mayor. I love how the snowflakes seem to be suspended in mid air. I guess they are.

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! I think members of Mayor Caliguiri’s family would love to have a copy of this.

  3. The snow on the ground and the plaque [rock] keeps turning into sunlight, and then back into snow! What a photo!!!!!!!

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