‘Twas The Night Before Picklesburgh – 35 Foot Pickle Balloon Tethered to Ninth Street Bridge- Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is Picklesburgh this weekend. It starts Friday.

There will be a pickle juice drinking contest. Mmmmm.  Maybe I can get down there and photograph some of the festivities. Heinz Pickles production

Here’s a Pittsburgh Post Gazette article about it for more info.  Or a video from CBS with a ton more photos of the pickle balloon.

When I saw Picklesburgh listed in the news on the computer tonight, I got in the car (about 10:15) drove downtown and put the flashers on.  You couldn’t go on the main part of the bridge itself said the nice security man but I walked along the walkway and took a few photos of the giant pickle balloon at night.  I just thought there it would be some “fresh content” and a new topic. I hear there will be pickle cookies to eat.  All kinds of pickly treat to sample.

We can discuss dill, spears, sandwich slices, chips, bread and butter or sweet pickles another time.

I like pickle relish in tuna salad. Dill spears.

One summer I made pickles when I visited my brother David in Okanogan WA and they were delicious.

My grandmother’s handwritten pickle recipe is in a wooden box in my kitchen.

Two days of Picklesburgh and celebrating all things pickled.

Pickle Balloon UPMC Gulf Bldg

looking to the North ShorePickle Balloon

City at Night Ninth Street Bridge

The city at night is always magical to me.

Ninth Street Bridge.

Pickle City at Night Ninth Street Bridge Patrol

City at Night Ninth Street Bridge Patrol

Security on patrol.

11 thoughts on “‘Twas The Night Before Picklesburgh – 35 Foot Pickle Balloon Tethered to Ninth Street Bridge- Pittsburgh

  1. Makes me think of the very old song that starts, “My mommy gave me a nickel to buy a pickle, but I didn’t buy a pickle, I bought some chew gum!” Pictures are beautiful, Ruth!

  2. What would I do without you Ruth E – I didn’t know about Pickleburgh. Beautiful pictures by the way.

  3. I love pickles and I love chocolate. Once when I visited the Heinz History Center, I saw chocolate covered pickles for sale in the gift shop. Hmmmm, I thought. Why not try one? They came two in a box. Two tiny gherkins covered with chocolate. YUK! and Double YUK! Pickles and chocolate are not a good combination. I threw the second one in the trash.

  4. Great venue for a summer event. I do especially enjoy bread and butter pickle chips with a Sloppy Joe.

  5. Maybe the last year for PickleBurgh??? Or next year the ballon will say KRAFTBURGH!! 🙂 I wish the “new ” company was Heinz-Kraft – not the other way around. Seems as if Heinz is slowly slipping away ……. but not the PICKLE BALLOON!!!! LOVE your night photo of the Burgh!!!!!

  6. Great pictures! I wonder how the average Joe will feel about having a bridge closed down for a while. I know of some cities where that would create a huge traffic problem!

  7. That first night time shot is really lovely, Ruth 🙂 Why do I always find foodie posts when I’m hungry? Now- what can I have with my gherkins? 🙂

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