Soparnik in Zagreb


Women making Soparnik

“famous speciality of the dalmatian region Poljica between Split and Omiš. The original season for the dish was the colder time of the year when older, sweeter chard was available.

Basically, it is a very simple dish made from common ingredients from the region: Chard with onions and parsley between two layers of simplest dough”Click here for recipe


Women coming to market

Sajam Zimnice


7 thoughts on “Soparnik in Zagreb

  1. Much prettier than going to the farmers’ market. Looks interesting. Hope you had an enjoyable time visiting.

  2. There were mums, blue pumpkins, small gourds, garlic, canned goodies at the East Liberty Farmers this past Monday! Baskets of onions and beautiful kales, some parsley. No soparnik, tho. 🙂 but wonderful breads from Medi-Terra. Also white haired women with canes!!!!! 🙂 great post, Ruth!!

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