Winter City Reflection

On the way home from the airport. Steve had picked me up. We stopped by the North Shore.

I’d just come from almost 70 degrees weather is Arizona and the winter city at dusk was such a contrast.

The beauty of winter.

IMG_4213Lone jogger on the trail along the Allegheny River.


IMG_4223Bill Mazeroski runs into home plate for a Pirates win- 1960 World Series


A bit of snow highlighted Mr. Mazeroski’s shoulders

IMG_4209From the North Shore.

15 thoughts on “Winter City Reflection

  1. How I used to love getting away every January or February to warmer climes. That ride home from the airport, however, was a different matter completely. You seemed to have kept a cheery outlook. “Cheery” is hardly the word I’d use to describe mine. 🙂

  2. Now of course, Bill Mazeroski looks wonderful with or without snow. Those are all great pictures. Even though I don’t like snow it does add something to photos

  3. Love Mazeroski’s White Cape!!!:-) so glad Winter weather is returning today! Groundhog said “Early Spring” but this is TOO early!!1

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