Two Thirds of a Year Already

Eight months old. Seems just a blink since Charles was born, June 25th.

You’ve heard it a billion times, they grow so fast, and they do. It’s true.

Before I headed back to Pittsburgh, I wanted to photograph my grandson with the real camera and not the phone.  He’s on the move. Says “Hi, Dada”


36 thoughts on “Two Thirds of a Year Already

      • Sometimes we just have to make the time to stop and ‘smell the roses’ Ruth and who could not appreciate this cute little darling grandchild of yours? 😀

        You are very welcome and I am glad you enjoyed them. 😀

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  1. Just PERFECTLY adorable, physically and developmentally! Beautiful push all the way up throught his arms across the chest into his heart, and so relaxed and comfortable in his homolateral rest on the floor —- with his alertness and curiosity in his face. What a charmer!!!! What a love! XOXOXO


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