Maura’s First Holy Communion Day

St. Patrick Church  Columbus Ohio.IMG_0809

Arriving at the church. Mark, Anna and Maura.  Michael’s hiding.

MauraMaura on the way into church.

IMG_0006Aunt Linda gives Maura a kiss when she arrives from Pittsburgh.



Godmother Laura          With her family    Pap and Grandma Marlene

Sisters-in-law                                   Laura James and Charles IMG_0048.JPGTaken by a nice lady who had a camera- so I asked her if she would mind taking the whole clan.

25 thoughts on “Maura’s First Holy Communion Day

  1. Such wonderful family photos, full of warmth and joy! Maura looks so sweet – what a special day for her! May her blessings be many!!!

  2. Wow – what a gorgeous family – Congratulations to Maura and the entire clan. I’m glad you got into a picture Ruth E!

  3. Congratulations, Maura! We’re so proud of you. I can’t wait to see you the next time you come to grandam’s house. Sending hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh. XXOO

  4. Congratulations to Maura on her special day.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all those lovely ladies – and their lucky families.

  5. So glad you got in a photo! What a wonderful day for a terrific family. Maura looks stunning , what a beauty!

  6. So beautiful! Congratulations to Maura and the whole family! What a special day! Thanks for sharing the photos.💋

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