Piano Tilting, Tuning and Repair

Joe DeFazio is featured today in the People at Work Series- Primarily Pittsburgh

From upstairs, I could hear him playing the piano after it was tuned and it sounded wonderful. (after years of neglect) He’s an excellent musician.

It was my first time seeing a piano tilted to be worked on. I asked if he would be part of my People at Work Series and he graciously agreed.

These photos are not in chronological order.


IMG_0293Drawing angle lines in case the keys fall out they can easily be put back in order.






and the gas mask portion of sealing a crack with the seemingly toxic (but not) fumed glue




My neighbor recommended him.  Thank you.

If you need your Pittsburgh piano tuned, you can get in touch with him defaziomusicAThotmaildotcom

(Hopefully this listing will not result in his inbox being overwhelmed with you know what)

29 thoughts on “Piano Tilting, Tuning and Repair

  1. I’ve never seen a piano tuned like this. So thorough … and it makes me miss my piano that was sold when downsizing. Here’s a fascinating book you might want to read. “The Piano Shop on The Left Bank”, by Thad Carhart

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  2. Fascinating photos, Ruth. My daughter told me yesterday that she’s just had my piano which I gave her when we left South Africa. completely overhauled, and it now looks and sounds like new. It was also taken to pieces. I’ve never seen the tilting before. 🙂

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    • What a coincidence. Glad your daughter was able to restore your piano. They are an investment. Yes the tilting was something to see. He’s got it down, though.


  3. I’ve also never seen a piano tilted (or tuned) – what a cool experience to have! Thanks for sharing virtually with all of us. (And drawing an angled line on the keys… smart!)

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