Etna Memorial Day Ceremony 2016

I was invited to attend the Etna Memorial Day Ceremony at 7:30 AM today.

Mary Ellen’s mother’s home is on High Street in Etna next to this hillside cemetery.  Her grandmother hostessed the party decades before.  Our hostess today was Ruth Gubanic. She continues the tradition in memory of her brothers. She had three brothers who served: two in WWII and one in the Korean War. She honors all three on Memorial Day. Their names are Will, Eddie and Rayme.

All of the Veterans’ names will be added after the initial post because I don’t want to mess up spelling or misidentifying anyone…but I also know they are eager to see some of the photographs from today.  I have created a separate Etna Memorial Day Parade album on Flickr and as soon as it is edited a bit, I will post that link as well.

It was an honor and a privilege to document the ceremony today.


You can see our gracious hostess Ruth in the front row.



The Grand Marshall of the Parade -Jim Oehling

During the ceremony there was a “flyover”- of honking geese


IMG_9921Wreath Laying

IMG_0440This gentleman is Rick Stefanick, and he is going to help me identify all the other participants with their correct names.  Thank you, Rick.





Jim Brokenbek (l) from Post 106 and Rick Stefanick.

Friends for more than forty years, ready to march in the parade.

IMG_0514Richard Hudak is the Firing Squad Master



Mary Ellen and her mother Ruth

For a few more photos, here is a link to the Flickr Album

14 thoughts on “Etna Memorial Day Ceremony 2016

  1. Very, very cool. Your photos made me cry. What an honor for you to be able to document the ceremony.

    • Yes it was an honor and I was deeply moved by the generosity of the veterans, allowing me to take their photographs. It was lovely

  2. Lovely of you to document the event. I deeply appreciate the service all of the men and women of the military past and present have provided.

  3. Beautiful and touching, Ruth! the photo of the young girl listening to taps really got to me ….. !! I lingered long enough to hear him play it 2-3 times!!! Thanks so much for this post!!! XOXOXOX

  4. Richard Hudak is Mike’s cousin. We used to take the kids to watch that parade from his mother’s porch when they were small. Richard’s mother – Mike’s Aunt Helen. His mother’s sister! The pictures are excellent!

  5. I agree with Erica. I loved the photo of the little girl listening to taps. It reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting,

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