Rescue Dog George Watches the Parade

Meet George.

He was abandoned last week.  Now he’s sitting up in  a doggie stroller with a squeaky toy and LOTS of attention from his new owners.  One lucky dog!

He was watching the Etna Memorial Day Parade on Monday. I included some parade highlights so you can see what George saw.



IMG_9977He smiled.




And here is George with his favorite squeaky toy.  He is very happy dog.






IMG_0077 IMG_0083 IMG_0075 IMG_0079 IMG_0069 IMG_0066


Nothing like a marching band to get the parade going!  Anchors Aweigh they played.

Vintage vehicles.


Some of the Veterans







Firefighters from surrounding communities


I am created a Flickr album of the Etna Memorial Parade if you want to see if you are in one of the images.


11 thoughts on “Rescue Dog George Watches the Parade

  1. George is one lucky dog and so are the owners. I’m sure it was love at first sight

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    • Sometimes elderly people become ill and are put into hospitals, homes or they pass- and pets are given up… But I just made that up. No don’t know what George’s story is.

      • That is true; that’s how we got Charlie and Jojo. (Their owner was an elderly woman and surrendered C&J when she had to leave her home for a more intense level of care.) Point well made.

    • Yes he’s being well taken care of now. Cute little guy. Thanks for stopping by today and writing a thoughtful comment.

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