Count the Places You See Numbers

Count the places you see numbers. 

Numbers tell time

numbers on clock

Reading Terminal Philadelphia

Numbers keep score

IMG_0031LazerKraze Columbus Ohio


Numbers on a bus, train, trolley or flight numberIMG_8462

Numbers to phone


Numbers to remember



Numbers to celebrate

Numbers  identify players and participants

Numbers for weight and price per item or pound


Numbers determine which lane you swim in and times determine which ribbon or medal you receive


Numbers from another time, WW2, a ration book



Numbers to playIMG_0863

Numbers found in odd places


15 thoughts on “Count the Places You See Numbers

  1. Great examples Ruth E – on this trip we are on, we have a different room number each night at a different hotel. I am numbered out. I walk on the treadmill repeating the room number so I know where to return. Oy Vey


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