David Lujan of Gallery Black Lagoon

People at Work Series.

From the April wedding in Austin, Texas.

David Lujan co-owner(with his wife) & curator of Black Lagoon: art+ yoga and artist.  He tended the bar at the wedding celebration and made the little fairy chairs out of the champagne tops. He was sketching a tree house for his daughter, as I remember.  I must carry a reporter’s notebook to write down the details.


Available light portrait of David Lujan

fairy chairs  The Fairy Chairs he created from the champagne bottle tops.

david the bartender

black lagoonBlack Lagoon  Art + Yoga

7 thoughts on “David Lujan of Gallery Black Lagoon

  1. I love those fairy chairs! They could be used in a little girl’s dollhouse. So creative!

  2. In 2 catalogues- I have viewed and coveted similar “fairy chairs” – pricey and not as clever as his!! He can add another business to his list!

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