Fresh Ravioli

iPhone shots at Groceria Italiana this morning. 

I’ll go back another time with my camera and maybe capture two more People at Work for my series. Carol and Adrienne (sp?) These women were working hard to make all of these beautiful ravioli in short order. So many choices of fillings. 

And yes, I bought a dozen of the fresh ravioli, they boxed them for me right there. I poured sauce over them and  baked  (covered  w foil) for 40 minutes. 

A salad on the side and we had a hearty dinner on a day cool enough to fire up the oven. Delicious. 

Drying in the freezer before being boxed 

Watching the two women prepare the ravioli this morning made me think of Chicago John of Bartolini  Kitchens blog and his family stories about how his mother and his dear aunt, Zia, would get up at five to make fresh ravioli for holiday dinners. Click the blue link for his post. 

18 thoughts on “Fresh Ravioli

  1. I love this. I never made it myself but have wanted to learn! Ruth have you seen anyone make cavetelli? My aunt JoAnna makes the best! A future blog??

  2. Thanks, Ruth. I’m grinning ear-to-ear. Seeing the woman use the double wheel cutter reminded me of Mom. Hers was a single wheel but made a distinctive sound as she cut the ravioli. I’d know that sound anywhere. Thanks for the mention and memories. πŸ™‚

  3. Now that is a skill. My mother used to make kreplach – unfortunately I never had the desire or skill to form them the way she did.

  4. Looks terrific! My mother also made homemade ravioli. It was one of my favorites. I sadly never make them, but I use her recipe for the meat filling in stuffed shells. The ones you bought look delicious! Melissa’s sister in law makes cavetelli and other hand made pastas. It is a skill.

  5. That is so cool and that pasta dough looks absolutely perfect. I think I would be back there everyday πŸ˜‰ I bet it was delicious!

  6. Hand made ravioli – SUCH a tedious process! Good of them to provide a lovely service for pasta lovers nearby. πŸ™‚

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