Notice -“Booming Stats” on Abandoned Blog Today

Five years ago I tried to create a recipe blog from my grandmother’s wooden recipe box and my mother’s recipe cards. I’d forgotten all about it until today when I got a notice from WordPress. Try this link to the blog   A friend wrote she had trouble

getting to itScreen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.13.43 PM.png

Throwback Recipes Blog

I didn’t stick with this blog for very long.

There were SIX followers. Throwback seemed as if the recipes weren’t really relevant nowadays.

It stopped seeming like such a cool idea.

But today I got a notice “Your stats are BOOMING!”  On the Throwback Recipes blog.  Rhubarb Cake recipe and the home page

And 65 hits (that’s booming after zero) are from El Salvador, 2 are from United States and 1 from Australia. And in just ONE hour.

So thought I would share about my abandoned blog that got rediscovered today.

Did you ever start a blog and abandon it?

It’s always nice to receive those notices from WordPress.

Here is the Chocolate Pound Cake recipe my mother made





20 thoughts on “Notice -“Booming Stats” on Abandoned Blog Today

  1. I think you should continue it. I may not cook or bake that much (I am lazy). But I love reading recipes old and new.

  2. It would be a serious mistake if a recipe blog by Ruth were abandonned!!!! 🙂 YOur Mom’s chocolate Pound Cake is a GREAT restart! 🙂

  3. I have gotten a “booming stats” message on some of my old blogs, too. All but one I have formally retired (and communicated as such on the blog) – yet I still get new followers every now and again. I kind of want to tell them, “Umm… this blog is done. You’re not going to get anything new from it….” But nice that they want to follow. 🙂

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