Soda Fountain and Chocolates

Yetter’s in Millvale, PASaturday morning.

 I wanted my grandchildren to see an old time soda fountain. It was too early for ice cream so we bought some things to-go, for later after the Children’s Museum-snacks,  bottles of water, chocolate coins and some sour patch kids from the candy selection. 

We will return for ice cream before they head home. 

15 thoughts on “Soda Fountain and Chocolates

  1. This post made me laugh Ruth, chocolate covered bacon and potato chips on the menu, and sandwiches are cheaper than drinks. Oh and Maura standing on her toes to look bigger? 🙂 Excellent!

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  2. great photo of the kids! Are they beautiful, or what? !!! 🙂 Glad you showed the prices. A friend got a milkshake at Coffee shop here in Shadyside.yesterday. When I heard $4.95 I thought I had misheard! so I guess that’s the going price!!!! fun T-shirt!!!


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