What I’ll long for, come winter

In February,  I’ll be filled with Nostalgia for a vine ripened summer tomato. You can taste the sun. A little salt and freshly ground pepper bring out the flavor.

My sister bought this one at the Union Square market today. Booths were filled with pumpkins, gourds and jugs of apple cider.

There’s no replacement for a summer tomato.



15 thoughts on “What I’ll long for, come winter

  1. I completely understand-I have eaten so many tomatoes this summer because I know, just like every year, I will crave them so much. It will be miserably cold out, I will go to the store, and be terribly disappointed. They will be like rocks. No smell. No juice. 😦 Jen

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  2. You are so right, Ruth. I made a BLT today with what will probably be the last of my garden’s vine-ripened Brandywines for the year. I’ll be going to the farmers market in the morning hoping to find a couple good tomatoes but even this source is drying up. Winter wouldn’t seem nearly so bad if we could get a good tomato every now and again.


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  4. I also enjoy the smell of a “real” garden tomato. A beautiful contrast – salt and peppered red against the vibrant blue. Off to a Farmer’s Market for me.


  5. My nostalgia would not be food related, although that tomato does look appetizing. Hesh won’t even eat tomatoes in the winter. My nostalgia would be warm sunshine.


  6. I bought a few fresh goodies from the Union Square market just yesterday! I love a good tomato-and-mayo sandwich, but, Southerner that I am, I really like to fry the green ones, too. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! I’m enjoying following you via your blog!

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    • Good to see you on the blog today. Hope your move was smooth and you are settling into your new digs. Fried green tomatoes are delicious! Thanks for your nice comment.


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