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There were a handful of us in the theater Friday night. When Steve and I walked in theater 7 we made four.   Two more couples arrived before the show started. We saw the Amy Adams film Arrival which had a 94% positive rating in Tomatometers. I hadn’t been to the movies in awhile. Guess it’s the same for others. Home on the couch in front of the TV or out listening to music? They weren’t at the theater(s) lined up to buy tickets. Friday night used to be a big night out at the Movies.


Two people arriving on the right, reading the board. GThis week’s challenge is Relax.  Show how you unwind. We went to the 6:30 show. It was desolate.

there were boxes and boxes of new chairs to be installed


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  2. I was never much of a movie goer. But. . .after Hesh and I saw “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” with Jack Nicholson, I really stopped going. There is enough scariness and hatred and anger in real life. I don’t need to see it in movies. To relax, a good book does the trick, or a hike in a National Park.

  3. August Wilson movie opening Xmas Day, directed and starring Denzel, filmed in the Hill, of course. I have a friend in it. She is so excited!!! Maybe that will send in the crowds! article in PPG this week, with photos, about redoing the seats in Waterfront, I think! Reclining, so you can imagine you are home on your couch! If they would make some good movies that might helptoo!!! 🙂

  4. I’ve been hitting the movies in the morning to take advantage of the discounts. There ar always far fewer people in attendance. Not so long ago, I was the sole viewer in the theatre. It was almost like my living room. 🙂

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  6. Do people know that it’s open? (New chairs makes me wonder if it’s a new building/space/venue?) Are the chairs stadium seating? My husband won’t go to theaters without it.

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