The Art of Gift Wrap

Thursday, I was going to meet a new baby and wanted to take a gift.

Called around and found wooden milestone blocks/cubes and in the colors of the nursery!

A helpful man answered the phone and said there was one set at their store- Contemporary Concepts.

When I got there I took a look around. Found a couple of Christmas gifts to purchase, too. A very eclectic mix of gifts from elegant tableware to crazy socks .

Contemporary Concepts does mail order, too.

The colorfully printed Pittsburgh dish towels caught my eye for those who have moved away.  Lots of interesting toys and potential baby shower gifts, too. They feature cool Pittsburgh neighborhood t-shirts Neighbor Teaze designed by Julia DiNardo- an elementary school classmate of my son Matthew.

(I won’t go into how the store moved 6 months ago to the Trader Joe’s building, pretty close to my house-that’s another story. Of course, I drove to the old location in Squirrel Hill first. The new location has free parking)

But I finally arrived and was thrilled to find  the right present waiting. And in the colors of his nursery, too.  Yes, I said it twice cause it was a Serendipitous find!

 “Would you like it gift wrapped? “

Now the thought of complimentary gift wrap evokes nostalgia for customer service of yesteryear- and what a lovely touch.

Meet Abby.  She did the beautiful gift wrapping.

I asked her if she’d mind being included in my People at Work series And she agreed.




10 thoughts on “The Art of Gift Wrap

  1. That gift wrapping is stellar! I worked with a woman who was a nanny in college – for a family in Los Angeles. Part of her many training involved going to gift-wrapping school. (I’m not even kidding.) Her gifts always looked AMAZING!

  2. I love the step by step pictures. I will keep this and review it often. After all Chanukah is coming!

  3. What a talent!!!! Glad Abby is going to be part of your work-Series! The package is beautiful!

  4. What a great find! Any one who can still gift wrap a package like that in this day and age deserves all of the accolades that may come her way. I’m glad you shared her with us here, Ruth.

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