Frank Zamboni, A Household Name

….at least the Zamboni part.

Frank Zamboni introduced the ice resurfacing machine in 1949.

The weekly photo challenge is names

Anyone who watches hockey has heard of the name Zamboni. I just like the sound of it. Who wouldn’t love to drive one around the ice? screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-11-12-23-pm

Ice Rink in New York City.


14 thoughts on “Frank Zamboni, A Household Name

  1. I agree with Sue! Cool name! The name is certainly recognizable. My father’s name was Frank, so that’s a special and household name for me!

  2. When Bradley worked at RinkSide Sports in Gurnee, IL he was certified to drive the Zamboni. I was quite envious of him doing that because it always looked like fun to me.

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