Macarons – First Attempt

img_3045img_3047Macarons go for about $2.50 apiece at the French bakery. Martha Stewart said you could bake them at home for about 18 cents apiece.  My friend V did some quick calculations in my kitchen and seems it’s more like 50 cents each

I’ve watched a video several times, purchased the best ingredients, and splurged for a baking mat with perfect circles embossed in the material. (Not factoring the equipment into the cost.)

Here’s the result.  Some of the macarons seemed a bit chewy. Did I underbake  them? Was the humidity a factor? Did I whip the egg whites correctly? Did I fold the dry ingredients sufficiently? I let them sit before I put them into the oven. Perhaps I used too much batter on each circle as the seemed to puff up like white mushrooms.  I will watch another video I found The Science of Macarons. If you have made them before please share any tips.

I got the ganache right. Had to put it over hot water after awhile as it firmed up, though.

I found another recipe to try next batch.



27 thoughts on “Macarons – First Attempt

  1. These are my favorite desserts., but since I’m not a baker, I would be too afraid to try baking it… I did find a box of twelve at Aldi’s Supermarket for $4.88 in the freezer area. They are pretty good. Good luck… Hope next time they come out just right.

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  2. Sometimes I see the parallel between science experiments and baking new recipes.
    Keep us the good work, Ms. Scientist, as I suspect the “errors” are still delightfully yummy.

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  3. The cookies should be dry and crisp on their own but will gain a chewy texture after the buttercream is added. They definitely taste better on day two. I always assemble them a day or two before I serve them. The cookie pieces freeze well. Great first stab!
    What is that contraption you are using to pipe them into the mat? I just use a disposable piping bag and my template is a simple printout under a piece of parchment.

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    • Thank you for the detailed comment to guide me, Eva. The contraption is a silicone bladder to fill and squeeze out the batter. Came with several tips. The two items came in a Macaron Making Kit from Sur La Table store. Thank you for your expertise. I’ll try again


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