Butterflies at Franklin Park Conservatory

A couple of weeks ago in Columbus Ohio-

IMG_6911You have to check your clothing in the mirror between the double doors as you enter and exit  the butterfly garden. Sometimes a butterfly will land on you! Such delicate and beautiful creatures.

7 thoughts on “Butterflies at Franklin Park Conservatory

  1. The advantages of living in a metro area- wonderful for all your grandchildren / kids. Lovely photo collection.

  2. There is a place at the state fair where you can enter and walk among OODLES of butterflies. Many will land on you. Some people love it, and others are completely creeped out by it. I’ve never done it; I’m not sure if I would like it or not…?

  3. Years ago I was trout fishing along a stream in a familiar park. I fished along the stream to a place called the Family Picnic Area. When I was a child our family would meet our relatives there for picnics. The area has been closed for years and is completely overgrown. I turned around to see thousands of yellow Monarch butterflies fluttering in the warm sunlight. I do not know how or why they were there. I watched them for a long time. I looked for other people. I was completely alone. If I ever needed a camera it was then. The image is burned into my memory though. Thanks Ruth for helping me recall a once in a lifetime experience and precious moments with my relatives most of whom are gone now.

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