The City Responds

IMG_7714The mayor has a Response Center set up and you can call 311 and complain or report a situation that needs attention.

I’ve called about excessive litter at the base of the Duquesne Incline, a hornet nest on a city tree , a streetlight was out and needed to be replaced and last week I called about stop sign on Larimer Avenue that was blocked by tree branches snd it couldn’t be seen.

This morning  I was driving to Zeke’s get coffee grounds for my house guests and look who was working hard to rectify the very problem I reported!

Meet John (everyone calls him Johnny)

Thank you for responding, John!

4 thoughts on “The City Responds

  1. Wow…John is the man. You really received fast action. I use the hot line too. I have found that it helps to call the department (i.e. DPW, PWSA) directly whenever the response via the hot line is slow or non existent.

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