July 4th Celebration

Good to be alive at sixty-five.

Happy Medicare card to me.  I can get that free bus pass now.

My sister and I are in Columbus OH on the big birthday eve after our family gatherings and driving over 1700 miles.

Laura and James hosting a July 4th birthday celebration for me tomorrow.

Here’s a photo collage with some of my favorite things- my family, pignoli, fireworks, coffee ice cream, raspberries, Zeke’s coffee, reading books,  teapots, knitting and sock monkeys. Oh yes, a few shots of me throughout the years.


22 thoughts on “July 4th Celebration

  1. Have a Happy Birthday, Ruth!! Enjoy the celebration tomorrow!! Happy 4th of July birthday!! 🎉 I am on board with a lot of your favorite things!! Happy to count you as a friend!! 😘

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  2. Happy Birthday Cousin Ruth! I’m with you and RJH on loving raspberries. Also coffee ice cream (my Mom loved it too) and fireworks. Christine and I took in fireworks in Arthur, Il on Friday and again tonight in Rantoul, Il. God bless America! What is your favorite variety of Zeke’s coffee?

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  3. Happy birthday Ruth. Every year Connie and I watch the fireworks celebrating our freedom and your birthday! Best wishes for happiness and many more joyous birthdays to come.

    Shuey & Connie

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  4. Happy Birthday! You share your birthday with my father from Brooklyn. Always love family photos. Glad you are able to sprnd the day with loved ones. Many hugs being sent your way.

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  5. I know the feeling – I can’t believe I’m 67 and still going – happy birthday to you and many HAPPY and HEALTHY ones to come – love you!

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  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Hope you caught the reading of the Declaration of Independence on NPR this AM.
    have a wonderful day with your loved ones!!!! XOXO


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