Paper Dolls Found in Downtown Pittsburgh

The other day I took a bus downtown (Senior Citizen perk= free bus pass) and went to S.W, Randall Toys Store on Smithfield Street.  I climbed to the the doll floor on three, looking for a fresh doll outfit for a 14 year old doll when I came upon a two sided display of a variety of paper dolls.

I remember cutting out paper dolls when I was young. So careful not to ruin them and cut off the little white tabs you needed to fold over to hold the clothes onto the doll. Sometimes tape was involved.

A looooong time ago.  I had no idea all these different paper dolls were available in 20I asked the sales clerk if I could photograph them and she said sure but now I’m wishing I opened them up and peeked inside and photographed the dolls and clothes.  Going to have to plan a return trip downtown.

I considered buying a book of them- many choices.  Wondered who is playing with paperdolls nowadays.

Do kids even know about paper dolls? I talked with a friend today and she said she cut out magazine fashion and made up clothes out of the magazines. I relied on the printed and dotted lines to cut around.  I can picture a little doll with a full white slip on- waiting to be dressed.  Modest!

18 thoughts on “Paper Dolls Found in Downtown Pittsburgh

  1. I spent many hours playing with paper dolls. I loved being able to change their dresses, shoes, hats, etc. Melissa and Doug make a wooden version and I bought several of them for Anna and Ava. The wooden version is much sturdier, but it’s just not as much fun.

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  2. Well . . . it doesn’t seem THAT long ago! 😉
    I remember them being in the fashion section of the newspaper and in advertising. Mostly female figures, few male; sometimes children. Sometimes black and white, sometimes in color on Sundays, but never of anything anyone I knew would be wearing. Then again, why would anyone be wearing the latest fashions be out and about in our neighborhood while all the kids were playing kick ball out in the street?

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