Hopscotch. Laura bought sidewalk chalk and I tried to remember how to draw out the squares. Hopping on one foot was tricky for Charlie. The rock Maura chose to throw into a square rarely stayed in the box on one turn, rolling out into unmarked territory. I remember some hopscotch boards painted on asphalt in elementary school but can’t remember seeing kids using them when I had lunch duty years ago. Four square, yes. Hopscotch , no. Do kids play Hopscotch in 2018?


18 thoughts on “Hopscotch

  1. I once did a paper on the benefits of hopscotch. Besides that, Charlie is so lucky to have a big cousin like Maura to show him the ropes.

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  2. Very few children play this game anymore and unfortunately prefer spending their precious childhood years playing video games. Too sad! Thank you, Ruth, for bringing back precious memories!

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  3. Hopscotch was big when I was young. We also played Release, and a ball game called Sevensies. I forget how that game was played, but it involved throwing a ball against a wall seven different ways. Great to see Charlie and Maura having fun. Lots to do with sidewalk chalk!

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  4. oimg I remember my childhood days. We played this game, It was called “Piko” in my country Philippines. Now I learned it’s called hopscotch. thanks for sharing this. Made me smile.

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  5. Hopping on one foot is really hard! I also remember those painted hopscotch squares on the playground – and my friends and I rarely used them. We were more into kickball…

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