Claims Low Radiation on the Monitor

The monitor inscribed with the claim Low Radiation! Hope so. This looks like it has had some serious usage.

Found on the sidewalk as I parked my car Saturday morning.

Do you have one of these in the basement or the back of a closet? Or maybe you have a printer that no longer prints?

An old HP Pavilion model, not sure the year

15 thoughts on “Claims Low Radiation on the Monitor

  1. Yes Ruth. We have a HP printer in the garage that we can’t bring ourselves to let go! And a tiny portable, black and white TV!

  2. I think we don’t have the monitors. But you don’t want to know about all the old laptops, computers, Mac Airs, iPods/pads, etc we still have. 😀 😀

  3. I don’t still have the old computer, but I do have a bundle of floppy discs … wonder what’s on them….

  4. My family has had MANY good ol’ desktop computers. Fortunately, we are good about recycling them when they have outlived their technology life span. It’s amazing to me how far computing has come in just 20 years!

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