Destination Moon,Driving a Cab in “Havana” and Dinosaurs

It’s been a lot of activity this weekend.

Charlie enjoyed seeing the Destination Moon exhibit at the Heinz History Center. His second visit.

We went home for lunch and later in the afternoon we went to Phipps Conservatory where he drove a cab in Cuba. He told us to not stand in front of the car while he’s driving.

Sunday it was dinosaurs at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History




And the sun came out today, shining on the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt 

17 thoughts on “Destination Moon,Driving a Cab in “Havana” and Dinosaurs

  1. Thanks for the tour. It’s so hard to believe Charlie is so mature . He was just a baby!

  2. Those first two images of Charlie and the astronaut setting are PRICELESS. Wonderful captures. They will make for incredible memories.

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