Cupcake Amongst the Roses

The pink blush roses in the canning jars, sat on the kitchen counter this morning. We spent the night due to the blowing snow and unplowed roads. We were having coffee and muffins, scrambled eggs at the farmhouse in Crestline.

There were cupcakes, baked by EB Cakes leftover from Saturday night’s anniversary party.

18 thoughts on “Cupcake Amongst the Roses

    • Colline thank you for your nice comment. Would you believe your comments were in SPAM folder. YIKES> I am so glad I just happened to look in it today. I was able to mark NOT SPAM. My goodness. How did that ever come to be?
      Thank you for your good book recommendations on your blog,too.

    • Thank you Peter. It was fun to see the cupcakes sitting by the flowers and think of holding one up to the bouquets.

    • Thanks Cee. It just came to me spontaneously as I saw the flowers and cupcakes on the kitchen counter.

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