Pepper, Penny and Charlie at the Farm on a Snowy Sunday

Saturday night after the anniversary party, we spent the night at the farm in Crestline. There was blowing snow, drifting across the roads. The roads too bad to drive back to the city in the dark.

Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast and watched Chuck blow and plow the quarter mile drive to the main road. Charlie has fun watching and the dogs were in and out.

Then Charlie bundled up and went outside-tried his hand at shoveling-  but not for long.

It was too cold.

 My camera lens fogged up with condensation from the temperature change, outdoors to indoors. 

17 thoughts on “Pepper, Penny and Charlie at the Farm on a Snowy Sunday

  1. Brings back a memory of those winters in Clarion and packed crisp snow. Pretty in photos!

    • We had just a taste of it, what you must experience for MONTHS. A couple of weeks of winter is enough for me. Spring always comes, though. Just not soon enough.

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