Wordless Wednesday (almost)

A test request:  Can you leave a word or two in the comment section today so I can see how EASY- Difficult or IMPOSSIBLE it is to leave a comment if you are not a WordPress Blogger.  I have heard from at least two regular commenters that it is not easy to do so.

Nobody has time to experience a hassle. 

The WordPress Elves may have “improved” something in the comment section of the blog. Thank you.

35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (almost)

    • I will try to rectify this Several people have said how hard it is to leave a comment. I always see yours. You have a WordPress blog and many followers do not

    • Peter That box option on Settings – Discussion- is NOT checked. I can’t imagine why you suddenly have to write email etc.
      Could you please try to write another and see since this one is approved, your second appears without having to enter all that info. I’ll never get another comment if people had to do that everytime. THanks Peter.

    • By the time it got there it would be like a rock. thanks JB for commenting. Was it hard to do so?

    • Thanks Bobbie. I’m glad you enjoy the photos. Hope it wasn’t problem to write a good word today.

    • I don’t either. I’ve gone to settings and discussion and that box is unchecked. Not sure how to make commenting easier. Thanks Jo.

  1. OK, here’s the comment. You already have too many requests for bagels so i’ll buy mine locally.
    Posting has changed, I see. You know I have had difficulties in the past.

  2. I am now required to enter my name and email address with each comment – even when I am logged in to my WordPress account. (I double-checked to ensure I was logged in.) SO strange. Not much of an “improvement”, if you ask me. [Tell the good people at WordPress to leave well enough alone!] 😉

    • And I went and specifically looked to see that the box for that is unchecked. Let’s see if it improves.
      Once you leave a comment and it’s approved, you should be able to just write a comment without writing anything.I am not sure why they monkey around with things. Sorry for the hassle.

    • I’m wondering if it’s always been a fuss or if something changed recently to make it even fussier.

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