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Club Café Southside

Christopher Jones will be returning to the Club Café, 12 Street, this Saturday, October 9, from 7-9 PM with a four-piece  band of excellent Western PA musicians–Jim Spears on bass, Mark Weakland on drums and Max Schang on guitar.   Peter King, will open for him @7.  (peterkingmusic.com).

A couple of Christopher’s songs from his CD Heartland Variations are on the soon-to-be-released DVD I’ve finished, Michael Wurster: City Books Session.(Thank you Christopher)  And there will be a re-release of Christopher’s 1978 Transatlantic recording No More Range to Roam available  Saturday night. Admission is $10 @ the door.

Come hear Christopher Jones @ the Club Café. Peter King is opening for him.

Took this shot the night of Peter King's CD Release Party.


Giant Cyclops in the Snow on Carson Street

Family, friends and neighbors suggest pictures for me to shoot.  Tess said, “Ruthie, you have to get a photo of the giant Snow Cyclops!”  But he was over on the South Side and for 9 days I wasn’t driving anywhere.

Thursday night I left the Art Institute downtown and headed for Book Club on Josephine Street, and there he was waiting for me. Not melted yet!   Deep and dirty piles of snow so nowhere to park. Pulled into the bus stop, pushed the flashers button.   Got out of the car completely, careful of traffic on Carson Street, and felt like photographer on assignment.  Self-imposed!   Thanks Tess. Kyklops Tattoo for all your tattoo needs!

Snow Cyclops in front of Tattoo Parlor

The temperature rose today so I was lucky to catch him before he started to melt

Blown Glass Pumpkins

Found in window during Silver Eye Photo Documentary Class Saturday 10-24-09     Vessel  Studio Gallery 1220 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA, 15203  Hours: Thursday 5-9, Friday 5-8 and Saturday 11-8

Blown Glass Pumpkins

Gallery Window Seen from the Sidewalk on Carson Street

South Side Sidewalk Scene Saturday Morning-Get Your News Here- Wait, there isn’t an outlet for the plug!

How They Get Their News on the SouthSide Sidewalk in Pittsburgh

How They Get Their News on the SouthSide Sidewalk in Pittsburgh

Barber Shop on 12th St Pittsburgh

Driving by at night I noticed this scene that looked like a movie set for another time period. Pittsburgh has so many Barber Shops and my friend Bill thought it would make a good photo project.  Frank’s on Penn Ave is another one. I photographed a few of them and believe they need to be documented.

Barber Shop on 12th Street on the South Side

Barber Shop on 12th Street on the South Side