Henry the Airedale Remained Unperturbed

Henry the Airedale sat serenely while Maura jumped around outside for a few minutes. She shed her coat. I had on wool socks, wool sweater, down vest and wool hat. I could hear my mother in my head, warning me about pneumonia weather or catching a chill. Maura thought that the sun being out and her running around made it an early Spring. She kept her hat on her head.   Then put her coat back on. Brrrr. My hands were cold when I got inside.

Henry just sat there, taking in the fresh cool air.  No “sit” or “stay”command given.

And no, I did NOT knit her hat.


8 thoughts on “Henry the Airedale Remained Unperturbed

  1. Henry could be in movies! Love those action photos. I can hear my mom saying, “Oh, to be so young again.”

  2. Ruth, This made me smile. Maura is a wonderful bundle of energy and Henry so stately and calm. You are blessed to have these moments with your family.

    • Henry is not calm. He is always filled with energy lol and when he’s outside he’s usually looking for skunks

  3. Airedale Terriers are known for their stoic nature. That is to say, they keep a clear mind and bearing. Henry the Airedale certainly appears stoic in these pictures, and seems focused on his guarding duties!

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