Ice Cream Truck on a Summer Afternoon

Maura and I went to Staples today and the man in front of us was getting signs laminated for his business-  AN ICE CREAM TRUCK. I am nostalgic for the ice cream trucks of my childhood.  We discovered he would be in our neighborhood later after lunch so Maura and I went by the Highland Park Pool and saw some campers lining up to order cool treats.  When I met him in the morning, I’d asked if it would be okay to photograph him as part of the ongoing People at Work series and he agreed.

A minimum order of $20 and he will bring his truck to your game, fundraiser, company picnic, birthday party, sporting event, church socia or family reunion. You name it. He sponsors a lot of East End sports teams, too.

Maura had the water ice, cherry flavor and I had a classic ice cream sandwich. Perfect for a summer afternoon. As we left to get into our car Maura said it was great he didn’t play annoying music!

Meet the Youngblood family. James, Eric and Ziarrah. James told me he has been in the ice cream business for six years now.  He became self employed as he was having difficulty finding a job so put everything he had, plus a loan of a thousand, into purchasing the truck.  I asked him what he does in the winter,  Deep Fried Cornish Hens!  On a FoodTruck.

I will be sure to check that out. Stay tuned.


James, Ziarrah and Eric work as a team.

How about a Jolly Rancher Popsicle?

Campers and swimmers and families line up to buy ice cream or chips and a drink.

You can see me and Maura and his ice cream truck in James’ sunglasses.


9 thoughts on “Ice Cream Truck on a Summer Afternoon

  1. I miss the ice cream truck bell in the summer. My kids would get so excited. I am glad that he has a winter gig!

  2. Oh yum! Want some ice cream right now!!!! 🙂 So glad you are continuing People at Work!!!!

  3. I remember waiting for the Good Humor truck when I was a child. The man wore a uniform and chilled air would escape when he opened the door of the freezer. My favorite was a Creamsickle. This was in the 50s. Later Good Humor was replaced by the soft serve truck. It looked like the one on your pictures. Maura is really enjoying her treat. Love her smile as always.

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