His Mom’s Popple From the Eighties

This is his Mom’s Popple from the eighties. They were the desired toy of 1987 when Laura was four. Of course, I’d saved it.

Charlie (4) Is enjoying playing with it. Getting some play time a second time around.


The arms and legs tuck up into a front pocket and it looks like a big fuzzycolorful ball.  There’s a tail with a furry pompon at the end.

I asked Laura what she called it.   “Popple” was her response

I found a commercial for this toy. Not sure how long they were the craze.

Charlie’s having fun throwing it around.


9 thoughts on “His Mom’s Popple From the Eighties

  1. It is such fun to see grandchildren playing with and giving a second life to their parent’s toys. Also really good for the planet.

    • Yes there is a satisfying feeling to see them “recycled” in such an endearing way. Thanks Pam.

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