Autumn Leaves in Photographs

Autumn leaves in photographs. Autumn light.  We’re waiting for the red, yellow and orange colors to arrive. So far we’ve got mostly brown. Waiting for the frost

The leaves in the photographs give a lot of information to the viewer.

Somewhere in a box of old pics I have a photo of the kids with a backdrop of fake autumn trees and birches. I wish I could find it. It’s corny but fun. These photos have real leaves in them.

so if you’re thinking of taking pictures in leaves get ready. Here’s a link to Autumn in Pittsburgh four years ago

from The archives

Mark in Clarion 1980

Murphy in Pittsburgh 2004

Charlie raking leaves 2017

Kristie senior photo November 2016

Handstand man Zagreb Park path October 2015Highland Park 2015

Melissa Senior Photo 2016

Charlie at Playground 2017.  

Anna, Michael, Jack and Maura Columbus 2014

10 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves in Photographs

  1. Nice collection of photos. I particularly like the last photo with the kids jumping. Good timing!

  2. Those are beautiful pictures Ruth E. We were just in southern Colorado and Utah and the leaves were amazing!

  3. C has the same fire engine shirt that Charlie has! 🙂 Our leaves changed this past weekend; our red maple is really a sight. Fleeting, but pretty for the brief time they are here.

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