Rice Pudding-Yes or No?

Rice Pudding-Yes or No?

Rice Pudding

Leftover rice with milk, egg, sugar. This method cooked and stirred on stove top ‘til thick without curdling. Vanilla and raisins, cinnamon on top. There’s a baked method as well. Reminds me of childhood.

19 thoughts on “Rice Pudding-Yes or No?

  1. Love it! A great dish at my grandmother’s house. I need to do the same with my grandchildren! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Absolutely! My Mother made it often (the baked method) with leftover rice. Definitely childhood memories. Oddly, I think I have only made it once.

  3. Yes yes yes yes! My mom used to make rice knishes. I got the left over rice which was rice pudding. One of my faves!

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