Socks in a Basket

As I folded the pairs, I realized all the hand knit socks I’d made (plus one spring green pair knit my Sabine Bornemann at Die Wollnerin in Berlin) were clean at the same time. It’s the second time I’ve washed all of them since shelter in place started. I read that Sabine’s hand dyed yarn store in Berlin has now reopened, allowing two customers at a time

Lots of places and friends represented by the different yarns from Alaska, Germany, Norway, Arizona, New Zealand, Florida. Can you find the yarn I received for my July 4th birthday? (thanks Joanne). The sock monkey pair? There’s the desert plant dyed yarn and gifts from woolswappers halfway across the globe.

A sense of accomplishment

My new method is the hand wash setting on the machine and hung out to air dry in my bathroom. I used to hand wash them and roll in a towel.

My daughter’s sock drawer she texted me pic a year ago. I see Wonder Woman and Good and Plenty

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    • I have no idea why your comment was in the SPAM folder but I am so glad you told me to go and look for it.
      WP makes it harder for people to comment these days.
      Thanks for taking the time. Hope you and your family are well. When I first went to make a pair of socks I didn’t know if I could do it. Now I can’t stop.

      • I spoke with WP they didn’t do anything except tell me to tell people. How ridiculous is that? I feel terrible becuase I like to leave comments especially
        if people comment on mine but the comments don’t show up. 😳
        I belong to a knitting group at my local library. We were going to make socks. Normally, we just knit and chat but a few of us had never made socks. The gal who was making a pair offered to show us. I don’t know if I could do them without assistance. I’m a member of Blueprint and have seen their videos. I hope to start a pair soon. I love to wear socks(hides my swollen ankles). : ) Thanks for checking. 😎

      • So glad to hear from you. Very Pink (Staci) has lots of sock videos on YouTube too. There are so many ways to make them. I usually do cuff down. Susan B Anderson has a free pattern How I Make My Socks. On her blog or Ravelry. She uses double points needles in her directions .You can do it I promise. On my blog there is a tab on the home page called The Comparative Analysis of Knitting socks. It takes a few minutes to adjust to size one 2.25 mm needles and the fingering yarn is thin if you’re used to DK or worsted. But I love knitting in circles for relaxation and mindless meditation. I’m cheering you on. Thanks for taking time to let me know about your comment xxoo

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