Raisins- Yes or No?

My friend Bill’s sister used to make him a raisin pie. I believe it was for his birthday.  One time I made raisin filled cookies for him once he told me. He would be a YES on the raisin question.

And then there is the NO response to Raisins- Yes or No?

I have a friend who prefers oatmeal cookies without raisins in them. Not sure if he dislikes raisins or just in cookies.

The other day on Zoom virtual knitting group we were talking about pick-up  bakery items available at Jean Marc Chatellier French Bakery in Millvale.  You can order via phone and pick up baked goods between 10-1, different items available different days. Then someone in our Zoom Virtual Knitting group asked if the Apple Strudel made by Jean-Marc had raisins in it.(no was the answer)  Another participant said they hoped the apple strudel didn’t have  raisins in it because “Raisins are the Devil’s Candy!” I’d never heard of that expression before. Have you? Sure enough when I googled I found a 2015 blog post with that very title.  Oh my. A rant agains the lowly raisin? Who knew?

Last week a reader objected to the rice pudding with raisins in it when I posted a few days ago.  Yes to the Rice Puddings but No to the Raisins.

Ready to make Raisins Filled Cookies . Raisins plumped by covering with boiling water.

April 30 is National raisin day

And the story of the image of the Maid on the Raisin box who passed away in 1983

So which is it-

Raisins. Yes or No?



37 thoughts on “Raisins- Yes or No?

  1. Well, I like raisins …. in oatmeal cookies and in rice pudding. And in oatmeal too. Never had raisin pie.

    • Thanks for your response Ken. Do you feel as strongly as the woman ranting about raisins in the article link? I’d never heard of Devil’s Candy.

  2. Raisins yes. I make a salad called Wood Tick Salad, the raisins are the plump ticks and the sunflower seeds are the skinny ticks.

    • Hmmm, your description might make someone’s stomach get queasy? 😂 I haven’t tried that salad but I’m definitely going to look it up! Thanks Mary Kay

  3. Several years ago while judging for the National Pie Championship I was assigned to the “raisin pie category”. I must say the pies were delicious and sold me on raisin pies. Love raisins in oatmeal AND rice pudding.

  4. I like raisins in all the foods you mentioned. So where’s the recipe for raisin-filled cookies? 💕

  5. Okay, so I am going to out myself. Raisins anywhere, anytime for me. The other day I was looking to try something different. Probably the result of too much of what I call lock down routine. I know people do this with bananas. I mixed raisins in peanut butter on a sandwich. It was good. Maybe better than good.

    • Thanks for commenting today Jack. Did you ever try Ants on a Log? Celery with peanut butter and raisins on top

  6. For me it is complicated. Don’t mind popping raisins in my mouth with nuts but. . .i do not like them in baked goods. My mom would make delicious coffee cake with raisins. I would pick the raisins out. She would comment about that every time. So. . . Why did she put them in!

  7. It seems raisins have generated passionate responses today. Who knew? The humble raisin. Until I started making granola I never realized there were so many different types of raisins. I like them in oatmeal cookies or trail mix.

  8. HECK YES!!! My mother certainly did tell me they were “the Devil’sCandy”. She also said that was probably why I liked them so much. Go figure.

  9. “Raisins are the Devil’s Candy” – that made me literally laugh aloud!

    I’m a fan of raisins; covered in chocolate, in cookies, in rice pudding, in cereal, just by themselves…. all sorts of delicious.

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