A Bride in 1904 My Great Aunt May

Married 28 January 1904. Durand, Illinois. My great Aunt May B. Rowley (b.1883-d.1972) and her husband Ralph Alson Potter (b. 1882-d.1971). My grandmother Charlotte’s sister.

I visited Uncle Ralph and Aunt May’s home in Durand when I was a kid. I remember I didn’t understand the words on a plaque over his garage- Dun Workin’ .

They had one son Melburn Clark Potter. b.1906-d. 1940

15 thoughts on “A Bride in 1904 My Great Aunt May

  1. Love the “dun workin” and what a keepsake photo
    As I looked at this Ruth – I at first thought it was simpler times – but then wondered if they had wedding stress like any other time period – hmmm

  2. When you look closely at her face, she looks like she’s about 12. Is she also very short?

  3. A wonderful family photo. She is standing and he is sitting! …. oh, maybe to show her dress, which is beautiful!

  4. I love the sepia tone. They look happy despite the facet that they’re not smiling. No one smiled in those days. I wonder why?

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