Urban Fawn Spent the Day in the Weeds

My friend reassured me the mother would return, that they leave them in a safe place. I’m hoping that reunion occurred in the night. It was certainly a surprise to find the little fawn looking at me when I went out to get in the car to go to the post office. The fawn spent the day in my backyard, under the apple tree, hidden in some tall weeds. My next door neighbor had helped me plant some heirloom tomato plants and went with me to the very back yard and confirmed it was still lying there. I was concerned it was abandoned but when I called the city help line they said non-threatening wildlife is left to nature. Leave it alone. So I did.

13 thoughts on “Urban Fawn Spent the Day in the Weeds

  1. They are beautiful to see. Fawns often spend time in our tall grass beyond the mown yard. Some just yards from the house. We used to have an old trampoline, with tall grass underneath, the die would tuck them in there. Last week a die with twins tucked one in and then went a little ways down and tucked the other one in. Not sure how she does it, she doesn’t seem to make a sound. Maggie

  2. I saw a lone fawn the other morning while walking. We also live near a park. I also worried.

  3. What an unexpected sight among the tomato plants-. It is so small that it looks like a yard decoration.

  4. The doe feeds them in the morning, hides them, and wanders away to find food. Fawns have no scent, so this is mom’s way of drawing away any predators & protecting them. She’ll return in the evening, feed the little one, & bed down with the fawn(s). We’ve been living with deer in our yard for a decade, witnessed most of the life cycle.

    • Thanks Carol. I appreciate your sharing your experience. Although I live near the park this is the first time I’ve had a fawn come to my yard.

  5. Fawn have no scent so the mother leaves them alone to keep predators away. They do reunite as needed. The fawn should be just fine. My sister has a fawn on her property in WI as well.

  6. Fascinating. I had no idea that fawn have no scent or that the mother leaves them alone to keep predators away. Thanks.

    • The fawn was gone by dawn the next day. I didn’t know that this is what they do, place them in a hiding spot and then return.

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