Happy Birthday to my Brother

David grows the best raspberries. And The best garlic. You’ve seen the garlic on the blog before. He’s an excellent gardener, working long and hard hours every day.

I’ve stood in his garden by the raspberry canes. Picked the delicious berries. Nothing like eating a berry warmed in the sun. I can eat about as many as I put in the pail.

Happy Birthday David.

Xxoo Ruth

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Brother

  1. Those berries look luscious! Think how good they’d be in cereal! Happy birthday to David

  2. Happy Birthday, David! I hope you have a happy day and a happy year to come. Sending hugs from Pittsburgh on your special day!

  3. Best wishes for a good year . Our Farmer’s Market is full of veggies and beautiful tomatoes, but nothing quite like those raspberries.

  4. Your brother’s raspberries look so delicious. They are also one of the healthiest berries you can eat. Happy Birthday to your brother, the gardener in your family!

  5. Happy Birthday David…The raspberries look so tasty. Hope you have a special day with many peace filled days ahead. May each day be as bright and shiny as these rasberries.

  6. As soon as you mentioned your brother I immediately thoughts, “Doesn’t he grow garlic?” 🙂 Love his gorgeous raspberries!

    • You remember his garlic. Yes, he grows several varieties and I am fortunate he shares his harvest with me every year.
      Thanks Stef.

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