They return every year. I learned a Daylily (hemerocallis) is not a lily. You can read it here.

We (DIY Happy Home) just published an updated, comprehensive guide on how to grow and care for day lilies. It is completely free and you can find it here 

Note: although I edited yesterday’s midday post, you might have missed it. The 250 pound bear seen in my driveway around noon, settled in a yard about three blocks up the street. After a couple of hours, he was tranquilized, captured and relocated. It was on the local news.

8 thoughts on “Daylily

    • I agree. I was thinking you made an ordinary Stella Dora Look So Glamorous. Do you have registered daylilies? If the deer don’t get mine, I hope for firework explosions in the garden for most of July.

  1. Gorgeous! My day lilies are orange and are not out yet! This reminds me I have something in my gargen
    to look forward to!!!!

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