They return every year. I learned a Daylily (hemerocallis) is not a lily. You can read it here.

Note: although I edited yesterday’s midday post, you might have missed it. The 250 pound bear seen in my driveway around noon, settled in a yard about three blocks up the street. After s couple of hours, he was tranquilized, captured and relocated. It was on the local news.

8 thoughts on “Daylily

    • I agree. I was thinking you made an ordinary Stella Dora Look So Glamorous. Do you have registered daylilies? If the deer don’t get mine, I hope for firework explosions in the garden for most of July.

  1. Gorgeous! My day lilies are orange and are not out yet! This reminds me I have something in my gargen
    to look forward to!!!!

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