Doll Hair Gone Wild

I heard from a friend a couple of weeks ago that her daughter’s doll was having some wild hair and could I possibly knit a doll hat?  Of course. They came to the front porch, masked,  the other morning and brought the dolls so I got to take a before and after photo.  We even had an impromptu knitting lesson with some worsted and those kid needles, where one needle is red and one blue.  I am sure a followup lesson in is our future.

Our favorite hairstylist Lauren suggested a good Dawn Liquid shampoo and a drop of conditioner MIGHT help revive the doll hair.


15 thoughts on “Doll Hair Gone Wild

  1. Great ‘Before and After’ shots. A super advertisement for doll hats- brainstorming a niche market ?

  2. 1) Love that starter knitting needles are 2 different colors – brilliant! 2) Love the hats you made; super cute. 3) LOVE the crazy hair on these dolls! Looks like they know how to live. 😉

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