1984 Ceramic Pumpkin saved from the Trash

About 18 years ago Erika, my daughter-in -Law, was pitching this little ceramic pumpkin she had created in elementary school. They were cleaning out the basement. I said No, no no and took it out of the trash. “You have to save it and give it to your children, show your kids someday.” Well her eldest is 17 at the end of this week.

I found this in the back of my China closet. I can’t wait to give her daughter the little ceramic pumpkin her mom made circa 1984. Hoping it doesn’t end up in the trash again


Happy Sunday Birthday to Erika.❤️

10 thoughts on “1984 Ceramic Pumpkin saved from the Trash

  1. Ruth, you are not going to like this, but when I moved I took photos of all the ceramic things and artwork that my 2 kids did …. sent them the photos and asked which things they wanted … threw away the rest. My plan is to make a book for each of them containing the photos. Sorry!

  2. What a cute pumpkin, I think it’s great you saved it and I hope it will be a treasured item for years to come.

  3. I see my daughter getting more sentimental as she ages, looking for things she recalls from the past. Seems everyone has different needs to connect them to their past.

  4. Happy Birthday Erika! And Ruth, you crack me up. No wonder you needed to do “Keep or Pitch” all those years ago… 😉

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