10 thoughts on “There are More Buds to Open

    • Euthemia an iris expert wrote this on my recent Iris in November post “They really aren’t confused, it’s what they do. They’re called reblooming irises. Most of them are the shorter standard dwarf bearded iris that bloom in the early spring, before the showier tall bearded irises, and then with enough fertilizer, rebloom in the fall. I think they look weird because they’re out of place among the fallen leaves of autumn. But Iris hybridizers love them and customers buy them up. Here’s one taller one called Immortality, pure white, that has been known to rebloom in zones 5and 6, but for the most part they are standard dwarf irises. Farther south they have many more that rebloom. Winterberry Gardens, an Iris hybridizer, has a mail order business that specializes in rebloomers.”

  1. Love the “surprise” of these second-bloom irises. Reminds me that 1) nature knows all, and 2) when things seem bleak, just wait – life has a way of delivering delightful wonders.

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